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Moroccan-born rapper French Montana is the founder and CEO of Cocaine City Records and, as his business card implies, is into the finer things in life. When we caught up with him earlier this year, a crew including Bad Boy President Harve Pierre and the Baddest Bitch Trina, had gathered to help mix French’s album, Excuse My French. But why was I there? After watching French strategically drop a couple shotgun blast tracks into a song featuring Snoop Dogg (Lion as of late), a delivery from Southern comfort staple Soul Fixins’ materialized. I was there to eat lunch, which included an epic spread of potato salad, jerked chicken and mac and cheese.

It turns out that French is a fan of good mac and cheese — made with thick noodles and lots of real cheese. Not the boxed Kraft bullshit. This love a mac and cheese is tangible, and now found on the cover of his latest mixtape, the forth volume in his Mac & Cheese series.  XXL has all of the details. Mac is ready. It’s straight out the oven. And it's gold-plated. 

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