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Attention Coke purists! Your favorite time-honored soda's rolling out a new formula — and a new shade: Coke's gone green.

In its multi-pronged effort to curb obesity and save the environment, Coca-Cola introduced its new soda product last month: Coca-Cola Life, an all-natural blend sweetened with sugar and stevia that boasts less than half the calories of a classic Coke (one 600-ml bottle contains 108 calories, versus 250), and comes in a recyclable bottle made with 30-percent plant-based materials. Perhaps what will catch your eye before noticing what's inside the bottles and cans is the new color emblazoned on the outside: Coke's gone green.

Conceived by Seattle-based design firm Platform, the new green labeling is meant to conjure up the usual: eco-friendly, recyclable, healthy, verdant, and so on. While the color choice itself may not be such a shock, any kind of alteration to a Coke design is a striking one. The company has been using its classic curved script since 1887, and its signature red color for its classic cola formula since the 1920s. Considering the beverage is currently only available in Argentina (with plans to launch in other countries these next few months), Coke purists will have time to adapt.

New edition: The Coca-Cola family lineup, with its newly debuted Life.

Seeing green: Packaging by Seattle-based design firm Platform.