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Will oiling it anyway make it non-stickier?

Are you really frying an egg if there’s no oil? Debatable. What’s also debatable is the actual effectiveness of many so-called non-stick frying pans to keep that egg from sticking — which, by the way, is our gauge of a good non-stick pan. So should you oil, or stick with the dry fry?

How new is your pan? Teflon degrades over time, resulting in lower levels of non-stickery throughout the course of its life — 3-5 years. The centers of pans also tend to lose their coating faster, due to the focused heat. Adhering to the basics, like not scratching the surface with metal utentils or scrubbing the everloving shit out of it in too-hot water with an abrasive sponge and too much soap every time you use it, will prolong the coating’s life. The food might not stick outright to an older pan, but could probably still benefit from a little lubrication (still much less than you’d need to use in a non-coated pan).

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