In a clever marketing play, Rolling Stone is calling their latest issue The Weed Issue. It features various news stories about decriminalization and medical use, as well as a big popcorn movie feature with the stars from the movie This Is The End. Spoiler: They get high with the writer.

But what we really like about this issue is the food coverage, specifically a taste test of marijuana and hash-laced pastries and chocolates (known as edibles). But this test is no conference room roundtable with the pudgy pagination department at High Times. Rolling Stoned called in the big guns: Wiz Khalifa and Nathan Williams, frontman of the band Wavves (who once told us about his shitty job at Subway).

So without getting too much into the flavor profiles of the Chocolope OG Cake Pop and Melt in Your Mind Pecan Pie, here are the 10 Highest Lines:

“It made my body feel like fudge – like I was melting all over the pavement.” – Wiz

"They might be trying to lay some experimental shit on me." But the goodness of the pie made me forget that I was eating weed and just focus on bugging out.” – Wiz

“Really good – not much of a cannabis taste at all. I would eat it regularly if I could. I went to bed and woke up the next morning still high.” – Nathan

“It hit me crazy strong. I watched a low-budget weed movie called Budz House and laughed my ass off.”  – Wiz

“Chocolate with Rice Krispies on the inside. Tasty!” – Nathan

“It kicked in at the airport. I was really bugging out, and nobody knew it. It's better than eating straight chocolate – a really good way to eat your weed and not over-chocolatize.” – Wiz

“I've been smoking for so long, I often don't feel the effects of edibles.” – Nathan