Push the oysters and caviar to the back of the fridge, it’s radish time! Well, maybe. If you don’t like radishes, find another aphrodisiac — we have some excellent ideas backed up by a sex doctor. But if you’re at all into the crisp, peppery bulbs about to come into season, you may be in for an additional treat. 

According to The Atlantic‘s recent story, radishes have long been considered erotic. As in, since the beginning of radish cultivation (so, a while). The Japanese, Romans and Maimonides agreed. The philosopher even authored a “stimulating” medicinal poultice featuring radishes (important to mention the recipe also called for live Citronella ants). Here’s the logical “root” of the theory: the things vaguely resemble penises. Not the kind of radishes Americans usually eat — the fuchsia-colored Cherry Belle varietal — but have you SEEN a daikon lately? Heyyo! 

To add to the list of ancient cultures whose populaces got frisky from edible roots, the Hindu god Ganesh is frequently depicted holding a radish. Now I’m only half-Hindu, but I’m 100% behind my interpretation of the whole “remover of obstacles” thing paired with sexually charged vegetables as a suggestion to eat radishes on a date. Scientifically speaking, however, there’s no magical compound in radishes to suggest they’re any more stimulating than a rutabega. But you know how some people get in the springtime.  

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