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It’s always nice to take a break from everything tasty, and…no, that came out wrong. I don’t need to process food in a slow and controlled manner, because… sigh. It’s not easy writing about vegan food when you’re a strict onmivore. So I’m focusing on 10 vegan ways to keep things absolutely, rib-stickingly satisfying come lunchtime, when meat has either been shunned entirely or the zombiepocalypse has taken out the majority of the farm animals, two very unlike extremes you should still prepare for.

If you’re based in New York, here are our 5 favorite vegan spots. Regardless, check out these vegan finds that have literally never let us down.

Why vegan for lunch today? Why cheesesteak yesterday? I love answering questions with questions. Speaking of vegan questions, here are answers to several more: