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I believe everyone here knows coleslaw, correct? And Asian slaw, that relative newcomer that seems to find its way into every fusion sandwich/burger/dog I’ve ever encountered? The health nuts will certainly be acquainted with broccoli slaw with its thin veil of veganaise and aggressive jerk raisins. I don’t like broccoli slaw. But I don’t have to, because I customize slaw recipes for the occasion, and I’d like to share a few with you.

Apple-Jicama Slaw: You know how thin slices of apple can be really delicious on a sandwich, especially in the fall? Try this apple-jicama slaw on any of the staple sandwiches — turkey club, ham and cheese, chicken salad, BLT, etc. — and just try eating any of them without apples after that. 

Spicy Bacon and Pineapple Slaw: I’m a pretty huge endorser of pineapple on burgers. I’m a pretty huge endorser of pineapple in lunch in general — sour, tart and crisp, it’s like the pickle of the fruit world. Combine equal parts of julienned pineapple, shredded red cabbage, thinly sliced red onion and bacon marmalade with a tiny drizzle each of of maple syrup and Asian chili-garlic sauce. You’ll make lettuce and tomato lose their shit and do the Double Rainbow thing. Be sure to snap a photo and make a meme.

Hot Dog
Holy Trinity Slaw: Same formula as our Holy Trinity relish, but with a different preparation. Instead of finely dicing the peppers, slice them as thinly as you can on a mandolin or V-slicer. Instantly makes any dog or sausage pretty.  

Baja Fish Taco Slaw: Slightly misleading title, as there is no actual fish in this slaw. It’s a spicy yet refreshing mix of shredded green cabbage, chopped cilantro and paper-thin sliced red onions tossed with Mexican crema, lime juice and Cholula. Awesome on a bacon-wrapped hot dog, fried fish sandwich or on a burger made with half pork and half chorizo. 

And there you have it. Celery salt is cowering in the back of the spice cabinet and the pre-shredded coleslaw mix in the fridge has dried out entirely out of fear. Sesame oil is shaking its head “uh-uh” and broccoli isn’t in the picture because I don’t like broccoli unless it’s injected with and then blanketed in cheese, okay? And that is not a slaw at all. 

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