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*Because there is an ocean of ramen noodle soup dividing their TV personas.

When I phoned TV food guy Adam Richman yesterday, we talked for a hot minute about his time at the Yale School Of Drama, his love of Arthur Miller and other WPA-era playwrights, global warming and how he sponsors little league and youth soccer programs in his native Brooklyn. We did not talk about him eating 26 racks of ribs in an hour or, the face. As it turns out, Adam Richman — host of Man v. Food and a new show about the best sandwiches in America that debuted last night — is an amazingly cool dude. Like, Adam, let’s catch beers soon?

He also has a interesting relationship with Anthony Bourdain, who until recently shared a network with Richman. “Lord knows he definitely has strong opinions about a lot of the shit I do,” Richman says of Bourdain. We’ll have much more from Richman next week, but until then here are his thoughts on Bourdain’s recent career pivot.

Do you hang with Bourdain? It seems like, after talking to you, that you would be friends, even though your shows are very different.
We are friends. I actually just texted with him today to congratulate him on the new show with Nigella. Anthony and I, we call a lot, we e-mail, we text quite a bit. We’ve hung out for sure. The first time we hung out, we had the whole top floor of The Spotted Pig, because he’s got so much pull. Just for the two of us. That was pretty badass.

Do you think him leaving for CNN is going to be a good move? It seems like he kind of burned out with Travel Channel – or didn’t burn out, but he…
I’m very proud of him and I think it’s the right move for him. He is going to be him — an undiluted, unafraid personality who is first in class. He has a very broad world view and will be the first one to acknowledge his own curmudgeonly tendencies from time to time. When the move happened, I hit him up and he explained to me how he’s going to be producing documentaries and he’s going to be doing pundit stuff. I say, quite frankly, that I don’t always agree with him. I don’t always think he goes about things the right way. I don’t always think he goes about things in the nicest way. Lord knows, he definitely has strong opinions about a lot of the shit I do.

But you seem happy for the man.
It’s really awesome. You know, in the world where we acknowledge that such a place as the “spin zone” or “deception alley” exists, somebody like Bourdain is going to be unfiltered and call it like it is. This is a good thing.

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