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Rex Chapman Super Bar

While running some fact-check on this afternoon’s story about the fried fish sandwich wars in fast food, I came across something that I liked. Here are my thoughts, in chronological order:

1. Wendy’s Super Bar!
2. Wendy’s Super Bar commercials on YouTube!
3. Holy shit, Rex Chapman in a Wendy’s Super Bar commercial!
4. Wait, Rex Champan was that famous?
5. Guess so.
6. Ha, guy doing the limbo.
7. Mixology was not cool in the 80s!
8. Oh do I miss the Wendy’s Super Bar.
9. How did they come up with the triad of Italian, Mexican and Salad?
10. How much money did they put into R&D for the Super Bar?
11. Why did they pick Mexican over barbecue?
12. Why did they pick Italian over a mac and cheese bar?
13. Wait, mac and cheese was cool only in 2009.
14. Rex Chapman’s jeans!
15. Rex Chapman has a lot of under-aged-looking fans
16. What is Rex Champman’s birthday?
17. The Internet!
18. The Wendy’s Super Bar font sort of rips off the Super Cuts font.
19. Rex Champan gold chain!