Polpette Ghiotte

You can amaze your guests at cocktail hour with these delicious appetizers, POLPETTE GHIOTTE (tasty balls, baby…). You will need to pull off all of the hard leaves for this one. Once you’ve cleaned the artichokes boil them with one potato (artie-potato ratio should be 4-1), drain them and crush them into a pulp. Add some grated parmesan (you can add pecorino for a stronger taste, too), one egg, salt and pepper to your liking. The mix shouldn’t be too runny; if it is you can add a little bit of flour — or even better, some breadcrumbs. Prepare a bowl with breadcrumbs and another with a stirred, whole egg. Make small balls out of the artichoke/potato mix, sticking a 1/2-inch cube of scamorza (sweet soft cheese, either smoked or unsmoked) in the middle of each ball. Dip each ball in the egg mix first, then in the breadcrumbs and deep fry them to a crisp. Drain them and serve hot!