Carciofi Alla Giudia

A great way to enjoy artichokes is to fry them. The Jews from the Roman ghetto have been doing this for years, even before Jesus was born, when Jewish women came up were searching for ideas to maximize what little ingredients they had at hand. One of the tastier of their solutions, still, centuries later, is the CARCIOFI ALLA GIUDÌA (literally: Jewish-style artichoke), which is nothing but an artichoke flower deep-fried in oil until it becomes dark and crispy. You don’t have to cut the tip off for this but you have to slowly and steadily pull open the leaves to form an open flower, which you will then dip in a deep pan full of frying oil. Let it sizzle until it darkens; to cook it thoroughly you will have to keep it under the oil surface with a stick or wooden spoon, as it will tend to float. Once it’s nice and crispy just take it out, dry the oil with the help of kitchen paper, salt well and enjoy! If you don’t succeed in opening the choke before frying it (it tends to break, I know) you can fry it for like, five minutes, then drain it, let it cool down a bit and open it carefully. Once you’ve reached the form you like best fry it again until it’s crispy!