We’re big fans of Instagram, a social network that’s like Flickr for your phone. It’s really simple: users post photos, made cooler with filters, and follow their friends who do the same. Like Facebook and Twitter, we are all about using Instagram — specifically for documenting the great things we’re eating and drinking in our New York hometown or on the road. Think stuffing sea bass in the Oceana kitchen, Spam sushi on Super Bowl Sunday and some freaky good pizza.

We’ve also found that chefs are into Instagram too. That’s why we’ve asked our friends at Animal and Son of a Gun in Los Angeles, chef-owners Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, to take over the Food Republic account this weekend. We’re not sure what to expect. Maybe a shot of sweetbread nuggets? Damn they are so gooooood. Maybe a taco? Shit, a weekend in LA can lead to some very good things.

So you might be wondering how do you follow Food Republic on Instagram? It’s easy. Once logged in, search for our username foodrepublic in the Find Friends menu. Boom. Food porn. And if you don’t have Instagram, we will be posting the photos on our Twitter account: @FoodRepublic. And if you don’t have Twitter? Good god man!