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2011 was quite a year for us. Hell, it was our first! Since we launched the site in March, Food Republic editors and writers have had the opportunity to talk (and drink large quantities of distilled spirits) with some extremely accomplished people, including chefs, musicians, bartenders, professional athletes, models, actors and DJs. All as crazy about the food world as we are. Here are some of the most memorable lines from 2011 on Food Republic:

  1. “I’ve had sous-chefs who used to bang the stewardesses staying in the hotel we were working at.” — Los Angeles food cart boss–turned–restaurateur Roy Choi on his staff’s dating habits.
  2. “Noooo. I haven’t watched in a long time. To be honest with you, I’m surprised that it’s still going.” — Former Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot on his Top Chef viewing habits.
  3. “We were days away from shutting down. The economy was bad. I was starting to think that maybe I’d made a wrong decision.” — Iron Chef Marc Forgione on the difficulties of opening a restaurant.
  4. “Bacon is difficult to make kosher, as is lobster.” — Kosher Revolution author Geila Hocherman on the difficulties of cooking with certain foods.
  5. “Six times yesterday and two times today.” — Rum pitchman and adult film visionary Ron Jeremy on how many times he gets asked to show it.
  6. “I would argue vehemently against the idea that we’re a chain.” — NYC empire builder Michael White on being called a chain restaurateur.
  7. “Beer mostly. Tequila sometimes. Tequila doesn’t make you tired. It just makes you like a banshee.” — Waaves frontman Nathan Williams on his band’s studio drinking habits.
  8. “I think, first of all, that New York needs to grow some balls and get real Mexican food.” — Teqa chef Chris Goossen on NYC’s lack of quality Mexican restaurants
  9. “I’ve actually DJed while I ate fried chicken and had pizza delivered to the stage.” — Detroit techno DJ Carl Craig on eating on the job.
  10. “I’ve never had to say ‘Get the fuck out.’ They’ve always just not shown up when I wanted them to leave. You don’t have to fire them.” — Philadelphia restaurant legend Marc Vetri on swinging the ax and other career reflections.
  11. “Pizzaaaaaaaa.” — Chromeo bandmember P-Thugg on the food that sounds most delicious when spoken through a vocorder.
  12. “I had not a fucking clue what to make!” — Momofuku pastry chef Christina Tosi on her tryout for boss David Chang.
  13. “I believe that no animal should suffer. I did have one brief lapse in 1994 when I ate some yogurt. It was great.” — Political musician Moby on basically staying vegan all these years
  14. “It’s called Anusura. It’s an offshoot of Iyengar, which is the long hold yoga, until-you-want-to-scream yoga.” — Chicago restaurant legend Rick Bayless on his yoga habits.
  15. “I prefer all of my food mechanically separated. If they would also invent a machine that could mechanically chew for me, I would use that too.” — Comedian Michael Ian Black on food technology.
  16. “It’s a personal preference and I think it’s healthier than cow’s milk. My friend is a dietician and suggested I try it. He’s my new guru.” — World-renowned chef Alain Ducasse on drinking his beloved goat’s milk.
  17. “The difference between local here and in the U.S is the size of the country. We are staying local by using French products. It’s never more than 500 miles, so we use a lot of French products.” — Frenchie chef Gregory Marchand on cooking local in France.
  18. “There’s foraging fieldtrips. We go crawfishing. I will take people out hunting in the marshes.” — New Orleans culinary legend John Besh on taking his staff on field strips.
  19. “Fried chicken, meatloaf, classic American food — all done really well. I can’t find a piece of good fried chicken within 50 miles of where I live.” — Celebrity chef Bryan Voltaggio on the perfect diner menu.
  20. “Psychologically, it works for me. Growing up, I was all about burgers, meat, processed food. That’s all I knew. Then when I moved to Seattle, that’s when I became more aware of vegetarianism.” — Comedian Reggie Watts on eating vegetarian.
  21. “If a city has live octopus, I’m usually down with it.” — Globe-circling DJ Tittsworth on qualifying his favorite cities to hit while on tour.
  22. “They see all the chefs on TV and want to be that. What they don’t understand is that most people who become the guy cooked for 10-20 years — to become the guy. It doesn’t happen overnight.” — Former Aureole chef Christopher Lee on the problems with young chefs coming out of culinary school.
  23. “I was in GQ magazine last year and I went there to get a smoothie — and brought the magazine for all the employees to see. I was like yeah, I’m famous now!” —Rapper Theophilus London on his Jamba Juice revenge.