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  1. “I was the worst, pickiest eater ever. [I ate] ramen and grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs and chicken fingers and the stuff that everybody else was eating. My mom actually cooked really great mom food though. With pork chops and all that kind of stuff, she did an amazing job. I was just picky.” — Michael Voltaggio, A Picky Eater Turned Top Chef
  2. “I can’t find a piece of good fried chicken within 50 miles of here [Frederick, MD]. I’m sure it’s there but I want to make it readily accessible.” — Bryan Voltaggio, The Forgotten Voltaggio Brother
  3. “My biggest pet peeve [as a bus boy] was when people would bring in their own trash. Lots of people would come in with their own sodas from outside and not buy sodas from us. Obviously that’s kind of shitty, but I was okay with that except when people would leave their trash there for me to throw away.” — Alex Bleeker, Real Estate Loves a Good Cheese Steak
  4. “The editor [of my cookbook] didn’t want to publish tit shit, but that’s exactly what it fucking was. It’s doing whatever small menial jobs there are. Like “Oh, the ceiling is leaking and the toilet is overflowing?” I’ll call the plumber. I’ll get the snake. That was tit shit.” Christina Tosi, Meet Our Crack Pie Dealer Christina Tosi
  5. “I guarantee you this—nobody who is a celebrity chef today started their career out by saying they wanted to be a celebrity chef. I worked behind the stove for years. Morimoto worked behind the hot stove for years.” — Marc Forgione, Talkin’ Turkey with Marc Forgione
  6. “For me, the biggest myth is the wedding cake-and-Champagne pairing. They’re pretty awful together. I appreciate the ceremony, but the sugary with the sparkling component isn’t that much fun.” — Sommelier Robert Bohr, How To Order Champagne Like a Baller
  7. “There was really no intention for our finalists [for the U.S. Bocuse d’Or team] to not be from a major city, it is just how it turned out this year.” — Gavin Kaysen, The Culinary World Has An Olympics Too
  8. “Never try to be something you’re not. It’s not necessarily sartorial advice but it rings true for everything I do.” — Sam Shipley, Shipley & Halmos Dress Sharp, Eat Well
  9. “I thought about other animals and it was really striking how long pigs have been with us. I mean, they really are man’s best friend. Pigs were domesticated before dogs and are easier to train than dogs. They are highly intelligent. They are taboo in some societies and worshiped in others. And they taste delicious.”  — Matthew Herbert, Matthew Herbert Goes Farm-To-Studio
  10. “You’ll never get me to watch football, no matter how good the food is.  I’m a real woman. I watch hockey.” — Commenter Maddie Ruud, How To Get Your Girlfriend To Watch Football

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