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If you happen to be traveling to the greatest city in the world this August (a.k.a. the hot, sweaty armpit of the Northeast) you will be walking, and of course stopping, in the middle of traffic a lot. Maybe you will be hitting all the cool neighborhoods you saw in Sex & the City or doing that double decker bus tour I remember from when I used to visit this city as a tourust. Before I lived here, I always wanted to ride in a cab or the subway! Oooooh.

Well, while you are enjoying all the things New Yorkers have grown to hate, you may be in need of some re-fueling between buying knockoffs on Canal St. and waiting for Mamma Mia tickets in Times Square. While NYC has the most vegan restaurants per capita of any city (except maybe San Francisco), to find some of the best, you gotta hop off the beaten path. Vegan visitors, this one’s for you.

  1. Mamoun’s (West Village)
    This is my favorite falafel spot by far, located in the historic West Village around the corner from famed jazz hall The Blue Note. Mamoun’s makes a very filling sandwich at, seemingly, the speed of light. One will hit the spot, but at $2.50 a pop you can get an entire family dinner with drinks for under $20. And the locals are quite entertaining.
  2. NYC Dosa (West Village)
    This is a cart run by a charismatic man and one or two helpers. He is (and will tell you he is) famous for his Dosa — an Indian crêpe that he makes all vegan.
  3. Punjabi Grocery & Deli (Lower East Side (LES)
    For Indian food, you gotta find the spot the cabbies go to. This is my late-night place for great-tasting food that’s really cheap. The Samosa Chat (samosa and chickpeas) is yummy on a stomach full of liquor.
  4. The Juice Press (LES)
    For all you healthy vegans who like juicing and raw fare, check out this cool little spot on 1st & 1st for cold-pressed juices and chia seed pudding — mmmm.
  5. A&A Bake and Doubles Shop (Brooklyn)
    You will definitely be taking a step smack into hood, but if you are brave enough, go to the heart of Bed-Stuy for the best doubles I’ve had anywhere. Doubles are stewed chick peas in a fried yeast bread. Add pepper and tamarind sauce for an awesome breakfast. Beware, though: It’s a small shop owned by a Trinidadian family, and you have to get there by 1 p.m. at the latest.

What are your favorite vegan spots in NYC or anywhere else? Share in the comments. Treat yourself to a delicious meal and try your luck in the Austrian online gambling house casino bonus

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