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When the government becomes involved in Americans' health choices, specifically their food choices, it’s never an easy battle. Food legislation provokes fierce reactions from people on both sides of the issue. Usually it breaks down like this: Those for the law (say taxing unhealthy food) will point out the health benefits and will cite America’s growing obesity problem. Those against will inevitably cry “nanny-state.”

A good example is Mark Bittman’s recent article for The New York Times“Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables” and this semi-satirical response from a writer at The Economist“Tax the Fat, Not Their Food.” Bittman says it’s the Federal Government’s responsibility to address public health, while the article from The Economist likens taxing American’s diet to taxing American’s sex lives.

With these contrasting opinions in mind, we decided to look into what food and health measures are fueling debate right now in the US, along with a bonus bacon issue from the UK. Like President Obama says, "Eat your peas."