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New Chefs Rising, Episode 7: Tim Maslow Of Ribelle

Tim Maslow‘s recent history is fairly well known in the culinary world: At age 27, he left a prime slot at New York City’s Momofuku Ssäm Bar to return home to Massachusetts and helped turn his father’s Boston restaurant, Strip T’s, into a hotbed of creative cooking. In 2013, he set out on his own with Ribelle, an Italian-accented showcase for his intensifying skills and ideas, in Brookline, Massachusetts. For the next episode of New Chefs Rising, where we turn the cameras on the most ambitious young chefs in the country, we visit Maslow, now just 31, and his co-chef, the acclaimed Brandon Baltzley — who made his name in Chicago’s avant-garde fine-dining scene before flaming out and writing a book about his experiences. Together, they whip up a grilled avocado salad with marinated white anchovies, nori chips, shiso leaf and a fried chili vinaigrette. Oh, and keep watching for Maslow’s feelings about avocado toast.