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What I've Seen: Marc Murphy Reflects On 10 Years As A Restaurateur

Plus, ya know, he's a chef, Chopped judge, good guy
Apr 10, 2014 10:00 am

Marc Murphy has come a long way since he opened Landmarc in NYC's Tribeca 10 years ago. Here's Murphy on spotting critics, improvising dishes, feeling defeated and more...

How Gregory Marchand Got The French Bistro Out Of A Steak Au Poivre Rut

Paris chef loves those vegetables at Frenchie
Apr 8, 2014 9:00 am

For the past five years Gregory Marchand's restaurant Frenchie has attracted Parisians to its tiny dining room in the old garment district, Sentier, with a market-driven tasting menu — of course, nothing new to Parisians — that struck a nerve with the city’s legendarily testy diners. How? By weaving together international flavors with invention, irreverence and layers of flavors.

With A Country On His Shoulders, Enrique Olvera Is As Cool As A Bowl Of Guacamole

Acclaimed Mexico City chef opening soon in New York
Mar 25, 2014 9:00 am

Launching the recent food festival Mesa Abierta was a proud moment for Olvera, 38, who is looked upon as a role model and culinary spiritual advisor in Mexico with his cerebral, modestly priced tasting menus (around $75), featuring dishes like smoked baby corn with coffee mayonnaise and a tortilla topped with three rare Oaxacan chiles aged over a year. As as we find out, New York is in his sights.

Roy Choi Is No One-Taco Wonder

Getting close to the L.A. chef in new memoir
Nov 14, 2013 10:00 am

The truth Roy Choi speaks during a recent 90-minute lunch at The Breslin in New York City is refreshing. It’s slightly exhausting, actually. Roy likes to talk, so our recorder was charged and had 15 GBs to spare. We hear a lot of truth in our lenthy interview with the Los Angeles chef.

Scott Conant: The Chef Goes Before Celebrity

With TV shows and five Scarpettas, balance is tough
Oct 17, 2013 9:01 am

Nothing has come easy for Scott Conant, as I found out in a conversation that touches on the genesis of crudo, on-set food poisoning and the next generation of chefs. Check it out, after the jump.

Is New York City Ready For This Man’s Ramen?

Ivan Orkin might just Godzilla the NYC ramen game
Aug 22, 2013 9:00 am

In Japan, they call foreigners gaijin. So when Ivan Orkin, a middle aged Jew from Long Island (a gaijin), opened a ramen shop in a Tokyo suburb in 2007, later impressing the country’s top ramen critic Ohsaki-san with his bowls of shio ramen made with a unique chicken and dashi double soup, things sort of went nuts. But there is more to this story.

Why Michael Chiarello Went Spanish In San Francisco

The NoCal chef talks new SF restaurant and more
Aug 15, 2013 10:00 am

Michael Chiarello is a chef, cookbook author, TV personality, organic farmer and founder of several successful lifestyle brands. But restaurants are evidently one of his main passions. How else to explain why at 50, the well-known Italian-American chef would decide to open a Spanish restaurant — in San Francisco of all places. What was he thinking? Find out in the latest FR Interview.

Eric Ripert On Cookbooks, Buddhism And What Is Up With The Body Paint

He’s featured in an adventurous new photo book
Jul 11, 2013 9:01 am

It began with the random French lady breaking baguette in the dining room at Le Bernardin. “I have this project,” she said, showing the strikingly handsome man in chefs whites some samples of her work — food and pretty person photography that somehow unites Bon Appétit and Visionaire. “I was like, ‘Wow, this is incredible,’” says the man, Eric Ripert, years later while sitting in the basement office of his four-star restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.


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