Udon: Big Fat Noodles

Thick udon is the steak of the noodle kingdom
Jan 3, 2012 12:31 pm
udon noodles

Japanese udon noodles are like sumo wrestlers. Are you going to make fun of them because they're fat? Hell no. Is its dainty cousin, ramen, going to pull a fast one and attack? Only in crazy Japanese noodle ads. Since we're securing our luck well into 2013 by chowing down on fish, lentils, grapes and other auspicious foods, the biggest, heftiest noodles we can find seem like the smartest move three days into the New Year.

Roasted Vegetable Udon Recipe

Shrimp & roasted vegetables energize this udon dish
Oct 14, 2011 4:01 pm
Photo: John Valls

Gregory Gourdet, part-time hair model, marathon runner and chef makes every dish as stylish as it is delicious, and his udon recipe is no exception. Roasting the vegetables and making the sauce and garlic chips by hand adds a simple yet sophisticated touch to the dish.

Chef Gourdet's love for Asian-inspired cuisine comes from his former boss, Jean-Georges Vongerichten. After working for...


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