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How To Fry Fish For Fish and Chips

A step-by-step guide to perfect fried fish fillets
Nov 7, 2013 1:00 pm

Fish and chips may seem like a simple dish, but to pull off a version worth washing down with a pint we're turning to Portland, OR gastropub Raven and Rose. Executive Chef David Padberg loaned us his expert step-by-step technique.  

Dessert For Dinner? 6 Ways Pastries Have Gone Rogue Around The United States

A savory tour: Kiwi pies to foie gras doughnuts
Sep 18, 2013 9:00 am

From New Zealand-style hand pies in posh Richmond, VA, to foie gras-infused fritters in the heart of Brooklyn, these main courses borrow heavily from the dessert cart. Here’s where to get a taste of the savory life.

When Sausage Met Potato: 5 Ways With Bangers and Mash

Ideas for sausages and potatoes when it gets cold
Nov 8, 2012 12:31 pm

There's one dish I can't force myself to eat in the hot weather, but the second it starts hammering giant wet snowflakes blown sideways by a "refreshingly" frigid damp wind, it's time to break out my variations on bangers and mash. I love our classic recipe with crispy pork sausages and caramelized onion gravy, but as can be expected, I get bored with it pretty quickly and move on. Here's how I do it.

Inspired By Gail Simmons, I Welsh Rarebit My Lunch

Also, I read "hangover" in the first few lines
Oct 18, 2012 11:31 am

Inspired by Gail Simmons, networking and just the teeniest tequila/beer chaser hangover, here are some of the ways I like to switch up the classic British pub food. The basic formula is the same, but what kind of beer? What kind of cheese? What kind of mustard? And does it have to be bread? Answers to all these questions after the jump. 

Eating in England: Cornish Pasty

Pasties are tasty, get 'em while they're Cornish.
Apr 6, 2012 11:31 am
cornish pasty


Much like you can't get a half-decent chip butty in the States (if you can get one at all without someone calling Adult Protective Services), you can't get a Cornish pasty. This really is a sad thing, as meat pies have never been hotter. You can order any number of authentic British-style pies online — the better to drink you with, my beer. Exotic curry and short rib-filled empanadas have even set up shop in Times Square. But the Cornish pasty remains in Cornwall, like any good food with Protected Geographical Status. 


Eating in England: Chip Butty

Getting sloshed? Make the butty your buddy.
Apr 5, 2012 11:31 am

One of the best qualities of British food is that it's, unapologetically, exactly what they want to eat. There is one sandwich in England eaten frequently enough to pique Jamie Oliver's wrath. It's something you consume only in dreams, because, all apologies, America doesn't do the chip butty. 

4 Shockingly Popular British Dishes

Mushy and kidney are good words to keep in mind
Apr 4, 2012 5:01 pm
mushy peas

As I pointed out to a friend at last night's A Taste Of London party, the notion that British food sucks is totally outdated. Rather, our friends across the pond uphold some very high standards when it comes to food, I told him with a mouth full of fried fish on a potato chip. That said, some habits die hard, and, occasionally, not at all. 

Bangers and Mash With Onion Gravy Recipe

The quintessential British sausage recipe
Apr 2, 2012 4:01 pm
bangers and mash recipe
Photo: gifrancis on Flickr

Whoever perfected bangers and mash must have had a profound appreciation for simple, hearty food, possibly had to survive long cold winters and had a knack for pairing food with beer. Oh wait. It was England.  


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