Grilling Season Home Stretch: 20 Recipes To Know And Love

Toss steaks, fish, veggies on grill while you can!
Aug 13, 2013 12:00 pm

It can't be summer forever. But before you go rummaging through the basement for the slow cooker, take a deep breath and enjoy the final weeks of official grilling season. There's plenty more things to throw on the grates, and we're here to re-inspire you. Check out these delicious dishes that will get you — and your grill — fired up before the air takes on a chill.


Grilled Tamarind Turkey Burgers Recipe

Southeast Asian flavors come together on the grill
Aug 7, 2013 4:00 pm
Photo: Jason Snyder

Liz Neumark of The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm in upstate New York teaches children how to grow, harvest and prepare healthy, natural, local food. Sylvia's Table, their cookbook released today, is full of the Center's greatest hits. These easy, flavorful turkey burgers are a light alternative to heavier grilled meats and will be devoured by kids and adults alike.

Here Is The Best Reason To Eat Corn, Which BTW Is Totally In Season Now

Finish off the summer grilling season in style
Aug 6, 2013 9:00 am

Gnawing away at those hard-to-reach kernels has never been so fashionable. As the dog dogs of August slowly creep up on us, we find that these pirate and ninja-themed corn skewers are just the gadgets needed to add some character to your backyard grilling adventures. Read on.

Ah Shucks! Bacon BBQ Oysters Like They Do It In New Orleans.

Oysters get a badass little makeover. Bacon time!
Jul 31, 2013 3:00 pm
bbq bacon oysters

We love a naked oyster as much as anything else, but if you're going to dress them up, please add just enough homemade barbecue sauce and some crispy bacon. Chef/Owner Paul Gerard of East Village bistro Exchange Alley brings this New Orleans twist to fresh oysters on the half shell (and you should too). 

Hack Of The Day: Rosemary Portobello "Crowns"

Infuse those shrooms with some herb. Wait...
Jul 24, 2013 11:02 am

Are you grillin'? Cause I'm grillin'. I'm grillin' all summer long, and not just the good stuff — sometimes you have to take a break from the good stuff. I'm talking about portobello mushroom caps, and yes they get heat for being the go-to vegetarian "steak substitute" at barbecues, mostly because they're boring and not particularly photogenic. But with one festive hack, everyone's going to want one. In addition to a steak.


15 Stories That Remind Us To Eat Hot Dogs All Summer Long

We're celebrating the great tubesteak's birthday
Jul 23, 2013 11:02 am

Today, July 23rd, is National Hot Dog Day. We've removed our hats and placed our hands over our hearts, don't worry. This is a big deal for us, too. We've rounded up our favorite hot dog-centric stories, recipes and yes, that time Jess squeezed a hot dog with her grillout-themed nails for your sausage-celebrating purposes. Stash a bottle of mustard in your gun holster so you're never caught unprepared, and enjoy today from the first snappy, delicious bite to the last. 

Grilled Quail With Mango And Arugula Recipe

A healthy grilled meal for a warm summer evening
Jul 18, 2013 3:01 pm
Photo: Ben Fink

Some of our favorite cookbooks comes from the great minds at the Culinary Institute of America. Their new book, Mediterranean Cooking, is no exception. Use seasonal ripe mango to accent savory quail for an exotic dinner that's entirely classy.

Salt Brick Grilled Chicken Recipe

Easy recipe produces crispy surface, moist inside
Jul 9, 2013 4:32 pm
Photo: Mark Bitterman

Pollo al mattone is more soulful and elegant than its name — chicken grilled under a brick (a mattone is a heavy tile)—would lead you to imagine. Plain and delicious, with crisp skin and juicy meat, the dish is a staple of Tuscan cooking. This recipe tosses the brick out the window and subs in a Himalayan salt block. The juicy results, after the jump...


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