How To Make Your Own Sauerkraut

Homemade kraut with just three magic ingredients
May 26, 2015 1:00 pm
how to make your own sauerkraut
Photo: Gabi Porter

All you need to make sauerkraut is cabbage, salt and time. Homemade sauerkraut is super tangy and surprisingly crunchy — it barely resembles the limp, vinegar-based supermarket kraut that most of us grew up with. Here's how to do it.

The Only Mustard Sauce Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Summon all your dippables: This is huge news
May 13, 2015 3:00 pm
mustard dipping sauce recipe

If you’re having a party and you just put out a bowl of mustard, some people might think that was weird. But if you put out a big bowl of homemade mustard dipping sauce? Well, fewer eyebrows are raised. What is this good for? Anything you would eat with ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce or honey mustard on, use this instead. Anything fried, raw vegetables, pretzels (as seen above), sausages, hot dogs, etc. The list is pretty long. 

Hey! A Friday Morning Mustard Breakup Meltdown!

Heinz condiments handle serious relationship drama
Apr 17, 2015 11:00 am

Everyone loves Heinz ketchup, but unfortunately it can only be one lucky girl in a mustard costume’s boyfriend. Breaking up is hard to do, particularly when faced with the prospect of your ex moving on with a better version of yourself. So, understandably, one scorned yellow bottle is having herself a total guitar-smashing freakout, and the world watches, entertained, hot dog in hand.

Cooking Yemenite? Here’s Your Schug Recipe.

A fiery, garlicky green hot sauce to slather on
Mar 12, 2015 3:30 pm
schug recipe
Photo: Adeena Sussman

Israelis go crazy for simple, satisfying Yemenite food, and for good reason: Its rich, long-cooking breads, hearty soups and spicy condiments add up to some seriously delicious soul food. 

Will David Chang’s Momofuku Ssam Sauce Change The Hamburger Game?

A gochujang-like condiment is in the works
Feb 12, 2015 2:15 pm

Yesterday afternoon, David Chang took to Instagram to announce his latest venture — a bottled sauce that has a strong resemblance to gochujang. According to the Chang, a bottle of the stuff will “improve pizza, French fries, rice, ramen, juicy rucy's, chicken & dumplings, spicy fried-chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, chicken rings, hamburgers, kale, quinoa, beet salads and pork even makes sriracha better.”

Liquid Umami: 10 Ways To Use Fish Sauce To The Fullest Tonight

It's tangy, salty and making dinner more delicious
Feb 3, 2015 3:00 pm
recipes with fish sauce

You have a craving only one ingredient in your entire larder can satisfy: fish sauce, that wonderful fermented liquid that adds a signature punch to your favorite Asian dishes. Break out a bottle (handle carefully as that stuff is STRONG) — lots of seafood, pork, vegetables and noodles soak up the good stuff like they were meant to be together. 

Oh Snap! It's A Bacon Marmalade Recipe

Spread on burgers, steaks, sandwiches, anything
Dec 23, 2014 5:00 pm
bacon bourbon marmalade

While it may be one of the most wonderful food and booze pairings in the natural world, leave bourbon and bacon cookbooks to the highly experienced folks at Southern Living. Author Morgan Murphy says it's not a diet book, and that's an understatement. As long as this wonderful collection is in your kitchen, you may never diet again. 

Pardon Me, But Real Dijon Mustard Comes From Burgundy, Not Canada

Birthplace of Grey Poupon still cuts the mustard
Dec 12, 2014 10:00 am

Dijon mustard is named after its birthplace, of course the beautiful old city of Dijon, the capital of France's famous wine-producing Burgundy region. Hence, the popular condiment commonly comes spiked with a dose of vin blanc. But, just like so many other things in the global marketplace these days, the product has been largely uprooted from its ancestral homeland. Chances are, the stuff you buy at the supermarket today doesn't come from Dijon. Heck, it probably doesn't even come from France. Yet, there remains a small number of regional producers in Dijon who remain true to the area's mustard-making traditions.


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