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How To Make Eggs Rothko

Williamsburg's Egg makes an artsy brunch dish
Jul 14, 2012 10:01 am
eggs rothko
Photo: Gabi Porter

High-brow/low-brow fried egg-stuffed cheese toast named for an artist. Where do you find it? Everyone all together now...Williamsburg! Yes at Egg, North 5th go-to brunch spot for the fedora-topped, skinny jean-clad and denim-vested, Chef Ed Quish whips out platter after platter of Eggs Rothko, their signature dish. Learn how, step-by-step, after the jump.

Green Chile-Cheddar Macaroni Salad

Charred poblanos find a home in macaroni salad
May 14, 2012 12:01 pm
macaroni salad recipes
Photo: Mark Shaw

Welcome to Macaroni Salad Week! With Memorial Day just around the corner, we're searching the far corners of the earth for the perfect barbecue sides. First up, a macaroni salad inspired by the patty pride of New Mexico: green chile cheeseburgers.

Quesadillas "Benedict" Recipe

Just don't call them Mexican Eggs Benedict
Apr 14, 2012 12:01 pm
quesadillas recipe
Photo: Jess Kapadia

Just because I eat these super-easy quesadillas benedict for dinner more often than breakfast doesn't mean they're not perfect for brunch. If anything, it should elevate them to the title of Ultimate Brunch. Simple, yet impressive to behold, if you can fry an egg and/or make a quesadilla, a tasty, photogenic brunch is right around the corner.

Easy Cheddar Scones

A cheese scone recipe to go with your eggs
Apr 8, 2012 12:31 pm
scone recipe
Photo: bloggyboulga on Flickr

Today, your yolk deserves something special — dense yet absorbant, reliable yet flaky. Try your hand at these easy scones, featuring everyone's favorite sharp orange cheese, and give you eggs something to talk about in the pan. Besides how badly you need a new pan.

Classic American Fare, Now In Vegan!

Ditch the dairy in broccoli soup for a vegan hit
Mar 28, 2012 5:01 pm
vegan soup recipe
Photo: little blue hen on Flickr

For the next four weeks, I will be exploring some familiar tastes and favorite flavors I grew up with but never had at home because we were vegan. I was still exposed to all the Mad Men ads that have made Kraft into the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today, though.

Bacon Cheddar Burger Recipe

Our favorite cheeseburger recipe features bacon
Mar 28, 2012 3:01 pm
bacon cheddar burger
Photo: Mark Shaw

If you can shape a burger patty and make it all the way through our comprehensive guide to cooking perfect bacon, your goal of a Bacon Cheddar Burger is well within reach. And since you're cooking bacon and shaping your own perfect burger patties, why not whip up a batch of homemade burger buns?

Jalapeño Cheddar Tater Tots Recipe

Mmm, cheese. Ready to not share your tots?
Mar 27, 2012 3:01 pm
tater tots recipe

There are the tater tots of your elementary school days — crisp, perfectly uniform, totally boring — and then there are Jalapeño Cheddar Tater Tots, like New York City chef Marc Murphy makes at his restaurant Ditch Plains.

Pimento Cheese Sandwiches For Lunch

One pimento cheese recipe changed my life
Feb 29, 2012 12:31 pm
pimento cheese

It wasn't until high school, when I met my first south of the Mason Dixon line native, that pimento cheese and I were introduced. My friend Russ' mom flew from Memphis to see him, with a sizable vat on ice packs of the one thing her son had requested. You know, back before blended cheese could potentially be a weapon.


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