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Good Morning! Have A Hearty Breakfast Taco...Video!

Summer breakfast tacos with fruit salsa, visualized
Aug 22, 2014 8:00 am

We'd like to welcome you to Friday morning with a couple of summer breakfast tacos. What makes them summer breakfast tacos? A fruit-spiked hot and tangy salsa, of course! You can find the full recipe here, and in the meantime, here's how easy it is to make (especially for a hungry crowd).


10 Ways To Properly Utilize Those Buttermilk Bacon Fat Tortillas

Prepare for a new world of hearty breakfast tacos
May 25, 2014 9:00 am

Well, those buttermilk-bacon fat tortillas were a hit! And why not? Tweaking a recipe with ingredients famous for adding tangy chewiness and...well, bacon flavor basically guarantees success. We've reimagined our favorite breakfast tacos in these beautiful little things, and wrapped up some brand-new recipes to make brand-new favorite breakfast tacos! Experience the magic, after the jump.

Buttermilk Bacon Fat Flour Tortillas Recipe

Put bacon fat to good use for fluffy tortillas
May 17, 2014 10:30 am

This is one of our favorite instances of a blog blowing up so big the debut cookbook gets a sequel. Author Lisa Fain is a 7th-generation Texan whose culinary tribute to her home state has earned her fans worldwide. Check out The Homesick Texan's Family Table for comforting classics and modern spins on traditional barbecue, Tex-Mex and old-school German dishes. First up, add a few tweaks to hearty, savory flour tortillas. Bacon tweaks.

3 Breakfast Tacos To Make For Brunch This Weekend

Try out our favorite brunch from Austin, TX
Sep 15, 2013 9:00 am

We all know that everything is bigger in Texas. And we’ll be the first ones to confirm that this statement applies particularly to Austin’s breakfast tacos. We’ve included three of our favorite breakfast tacos recipes for your brunch cooking plans this weekend. We promise you’ll never again settle for a simple plate of scrambled eggs on a Sunday morning.

Paul Qui's Breakfast Taco Recipe

Austin chef's breakfast tacos make Texas proud
Sep 7, 2013 9:00 am
healthy breakfast taco recipe
Photo: Joel Salcido and Dennis Burnett

We're currently obsessed with the Austin Breakfast Tacos cookbook, having enjoyed more than one on a Food Republic field trip down South. All the famous egg tacos are in there, but this recipe via Paul Qui is a healthy take on the original that'll leave plenty of space for...more tacos later.

Fried Egg Taco With Avocado And Chipotle Black Beans Recipe

Wrapped with avocado, black beans, chipotle sauce
Sep 1, 2013 9:00 am
fried egg taco recipe chipotle
Photo: Joel Salcido and Dennis Burnett

We're currently obsessed with the Austin Breakfast Tacos cookbook, having enjoyed more than one on a Food Republic field trip down South. All the famous egg tacos are in there, but this recipe via Adam at food blog Tasty Touring has those famous beans. We're all about famous beans.

When Do You Add Cheese To Scrambled Eggs?

It's a simple egg question with so many answers
Aug 22, 2013 12:30 pm

So you want to make cheesy scrambled eggs. Good for you, cheesy scrambled eggs are a strong choice for any meal of the day. They're perfect in tacos and make a great sandwich and need nothing extra but a little salt or maybe a dash of hot sauce. Now you know how to make scrambled eggs because we've taught you very well. But when (and how) do you add cheese? 

Our 10 Favorite Stories Starring Bacon

Going H.A.M on ep-pig crunchy bacon love this AM
Feb 17, 2013 10:01 am

Enjoy this thoughtfully curated blend of stories and recipes that will surely incite a fiery craving for everyone's favorite breakfast meat. Yes, we polled the world and it was close, but bacon pulled ahead of sausage at the very end in a shocking turn of events. Actually, it's not that shocking. Enjoy our 10 favorite slides of bacon knowledge, advice, love and yes, just a tiny bit of show-offy bacon porn.


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