These Are The 10 Places To Find Great Cocktails And Vibes In Hong Kong

Taverns, hotels and roof-top lounges
Dec 17, 2014 12:00 pm

One can find a little of everything in Hong Kong. A truly international city, it’s packed with restaurants representing a broad range of cuisines and some of the best third-wave coffee shops in the world. The cocktail scene continues to grow with exciting new spots, classic destinations and hidden lounges in highrises, many of them with rooftop patios. Here are 10 of Hong Kong’s best for cocktail lovers and seekers of the refined, the unusual and the highly potent.

Fever-Tree Founders Stared Down Congolese Militants. Why? To Make A Good Tonic.

Starting any company is risky, just not like this
Dec 17, 2014 10:00 am

How far would you go for a decent gin and tonic? Many of us are prepared to splurge on good gin. And, a good number have figured out that good gin is a waste if it isn’t topped off with good tonic. It makes up three quarters of the drink, after all. But, few of us have trekked deep into central Africa on a quest for the perfect mixer to match our high-end hooch. For the founders of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water, however, this bold mission made some sense.

Is Wine Consumption A Viable Economic Indicator?

Consumer confidence mirrors wine sales, CEO says
Dec 15, 2014 3:00 pm

There are many ways to gauge how the U.S. economy is doing. You can check out the Dow Jones Industrial Average, for instance, to see how bluechip companies are performing on the stock market. Or, you can look at the U.S. Consumer Price Index for an idea of how much people are spending on goods and services. Or, you can leave those boring analytics to the bean counters and keep an eye on a much more juicy economic indicator: wine consumption.

9 Reasons To Start With Aperitifs, End With Digestifs

Brush up on your functional French drinking
Dec 12, 2014 4:00 pm

Don't call it pre-gaming — the French don't. An apéritif is a spirit drunk before a meal to stoke one's appetite and a digestif (wait for it) is drunk after a meal to calm it all down. Whether you're sipping on a pre-dinner Chartreuse or a post-dinner port, an expertly blended cocktail starring an obscure Alpine liqueur or simply a Campari and soda, raise two glasses tonight and enjoy a tipple like they do in France.  

Winter Old-Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

The flavors of the French Alps, now in a cocktail
Dec 12, 2014 2:00 pm

The French poet Victor Hugo once wrote, “life is a flower for which love is the honey.” Well, it seems the French have found a way for you to practically drink those words in liqueur form, via the exquisite génépi, distilled from Alpine mountain flowers. Sound like a good addition to your Old Fashioned? We thought so, too. 

33-Year-Old Winemaker Thomas Pico Is The Future Of Natural Wine In Chablis

Here's the story behind his rise to culty fame
Dec 12, 2014 1:00 pm

The narrow cobblestone streets of the small town of Chablis, its quiet vineyards set upon rolling hills, seem from a more aristocratic and traditional time long-past. Even the fonts on a bottle of wine made by Raveneau or Dauvissat — two of Chablis’ most esteemed producers — denote ornateness and formality.

Video: Remember, Real Champagne Only Comes From Champagne, France

Allow Champagne to re-introduce itself
Dec 12, 2014 11:00 am

It wouldn't be France Week without a glass of the bubbly, er, Champagne. As in not sparkling wine or prosecco or lower-case champagne or anything else that isn't from that picturesque town not far from Paris known as — you guessed it — Champagne. Here's a helpful public service announcement timed to reminding holiday drinkers where Champagne comes from.

8 Essential French Spirits That Every Cocktail Fan Must Know

As seen in the Sazarac, Singapore Sling, Sidecar
Dec 11, 2014 1:00 pm

Known the world over for their prowess in winemaking, the French have been masters at making spirits and liqueurs for centuries. Some of classic mixology’s greatest cocktails wouldn’t even exist without the plethora of French spirits and liqueurs that were available to bartenders in the 19th century. Liquor pro Jeffrey Morgenthaler pours us a stiff dose of knowledge on Gallic booze and its many possibilities.

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