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Richard Martin, Editorial Director
Richard Martin, Editorial Director

Richard Martin is Editorial Director of Food Republic, overseeing all content for the site and the brand, which he launched in 2011 with co-founder Marcus Samuelsson. Richard was previously editor-in-chief of Manhattan magazine in New York City and Miami magazine. Prior to that, Martin served as a founding editor of the men's magazine Complex, in 2002. In 2006, as editor-in-chief of Complex, he launched complex.com, now the hub of one of the most successful men's online networks. As a writer, he has contributed to The New York Times, LA Weekly and The Village Voice; he has also appeared as an analyst on The Today Show, VH1, ESPN and NPR. A longtime food aficionado who spent much of the 1990s living in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, where he wrote about music, technology, sports, food, wine and beer, Martin now does his cooking at home with his wife, daughter and son in Brooklyn, New York.

Follow Richard on Twitter: @reeshardmartin

Jess Kapadia, Senior Editor
Jess Kapadia, Senior Editor

Jess Kapadia joined team Food Republic as Assistant Editor in May of 2011. A prolific cook, Jess righteously adopted the additional roles of recipes editor and test kitchen chef, focusing attention on creating and styling original recipes for Food Republic's Test Kitchen photoshoots. Her column, What To Eat For Lunch, ran for three years and she's been known to interview a chart-topping band now and then regarding tour rider highlights and favorite global food cities.

Jess' food background started before she could talk — her mom's a chef and caterer specializing in Indian and fusion cuisine — and started collecting cookbooks right alongside Goosebumps and Babysitters Club. She used the stove without permission for the first time at age 8.

Jess likes anything that can be described as a “sea oddity.” Sea urchin, monkfish liver, sea cucumber and the non-meat parts of lobster (green stuff, red stuff, stuff in the head) are all awesome, according to her. Want to know more?

Follow Jess on Twitter: @iMadeAJess | Instagram: @wikapadia

Matt Rodbard, Executive Editor
Matt Rodbard, Constributing Editor

Matt Rodbard is the Executive Editor of Food Republic where he edits a variety of stories and writes primarily about restaurants, chefs, drinks, music and traveling with food on the brain. His favorite places to visit outside of his NYC home? Saigon, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris and Madison, WI. The food gets good there. He’s written for Bon Appétit, Travel & Leisure, Tasting Table, Men's Journal, Spin and Time Out New York.

Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattrodbard

George Embiricos, Associate Editor
George Embiricos, Assitant Contributing Editor

George Embiricos joined team Food Republic a week after graduating Vanderbilt University in May 2012, immediately securing the title of “Coolest Job” among his friends. As Associate Editor, he writes and edits stories about restaurants, chefs, cocktails, wine, travel and nightlife. The lifelong New Yorker vows that he can explain how each and every word in the English language actually originated in his ancestral country of Greece. A longtime food enthusiast, he admits, unabashedly, that his headshot was taken before he took it upon himself to spend Monday through Sunday of every week trying out New York City’s hottest restaurants. George can be reached via BBM (yes, he still rocks a BlackBerry).

Follow George on Instagram: @themostcuriousgeorge

Danny Carnaje, Community Manager
Eva Karagiorgas, Senior Marketing Manager

Danny Carnaje is the Social Media Community Manager for Food Republic. Hailing from Long Beach, California, Danny loves the NBA, sneakers, rap, everything denim, and the occasional pun. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine he caught his big break at ZPZ Production, working on TV shows such as Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and The Mind of a Chef. Figuring he needed food to survive, joining Food Republic was a no-brainer. Now he spends his time in Brooklyn shooting hoops and consuming tons of coffee and coconut water. His favorite eats are cinnamon buns, dry-aged steaks, and sundubu jjigae (순두부찌개)

Follow Danny on Twitter: @dannycarnaje | Instagram: @dannycarnaje



Food Republic was founded in 2010 by chef Marcus Samuelsson and the Samuelsson Group, and launched in April 2011 under the direction of Editorial Director Richard Martin. In a short time, it has become one of the foremost sources for news and commentary on food, drink, design, travel and more, published to a wide audience in the United States and abroad.

The site features a daily lineup of interviews with prominent chefs and personalities, stories about the lifestyle around food and drink, and recipes drawn from the Food Republic Test Kitchen, as well as from acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors. Most of the content is original and produced exclusively for the website by its staff and contributors around the world.

In 2013, Zero Point Zero Production acquired Food Republic from the Samuelsson Group. Foodrepublic.com now reaches more than one million unique monthly visitors and features advertising from top food, drink and lifestyle brands. The site also produces events around the U.S. and will launch video series and special interactive features beginning in 2014.


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