New Blog Obsession: Beer & Baking

Aug 29, 2013 4:30 pm

Bake with beer, drink beer while baking. Cheers!

beer and baking blog
Cookies baked with The Bruery's Mrs. Stoutfire smoked Imperial IPA? Yes, please, hold the milk!

Sometimes we come across a food blog so good we have to blow it up. Not like "sabotage the website out of jealousy," but rather "let you know there's a great blog dedicated to baking with the ultimate ingredient: beer." Okay, enough with the quotes. Beer and Baking is an expertly curated collection of cookies, cakes, tarts, bars, pies, cupcakes, scones, breads (deep breath) crackers, something called "doughnut balls" — basically, you can bake anything with beer. This is the indisputable proof. Here are the things from Beer and Baking that we're making first:

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