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If your friends insist on pouting for photos like a Miley Instagram selfie on a good day, don’t tag, spag! Find a great shot of spaghetti, drop it into the photo and draw squiggly lines — you just discouraged your photography subjects from making dumb faces for life. Unless they’re serious Italian food enthusiasts, of course.

Brought to our attention by Imgur’s bustraintreearm, spagging is a meme we can finally use to our advantage. Before it dies the kind of death only a meme this temporarily awesome can, think about it: pregnant Kim Kardashian eating spaghetti while pouting Tumblr. Grumpy Cat not enjoying his spaghetti Tumblr. Justin Bieber not wearing his shirt in order to not get spaghetti on it Tumblr…okay, I gotta go.

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