It's Time To Get Excited For Lobster Season. Right This Way, People.

Apr 29, 2013 3:02 pm

Cooking tips, kitchen tricks, scented perfume?

There is no better food than lobster to enjoy against the backdrop of a seaside sunset. As the warm weather slowly creeps up on us and makes its long anticipated arrival on the East Coast, we can only hope that last summer’s record low lobster prices will carry over. In anticipation of the upcoming season, we take a look at a video – courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen – with advice on getting all the meat out of a lobster, no high-tech equipment needed.

Check out some of our crustacean coverage from last summer below, including purchasing tips, lobster-scented perfumes, and special (blue?!) breeds. Be sure to stay tuned later this week for a roundup of our most popular lobster recipes.

Oh, and BREAKING NEWS: Excellent NYC lobster shop Luke's Lobster just announced that it's shipping nationwide (overnight only), so you can have ready-to-make lobster rolls delivered to your door.

Read about these lobster tips and hacks on Food Republic:

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