America’s Test Kitchen Visits Di Fara Pizza In Brooklyn. Minds Blown.

Apr 22, 2013 5:01 pm

Way out in Brooklyn, one of NYC’s coveted slices

If you’re looking for the best pizza in New York City, chances are somebody told you to hike all the way out to Avenue J in the remote Midwood neighborhood in Brooklyn. Because, Di Fara Pizza is the best pizza in New York City. Unless of course you are visiting L&B Spumoni Gardens or Motorino or Roberta’s.

Domenico DeMarco has been hand-tossing pies at the location since the 1960s, cranking his gas oven to an insane 900 degrees. It blisters the pie in a very special way. Dom also likes to personally oil the pie with his olive oil watering can, and personally snip basil with scissors purchased during the Nixon Administration. He likes to personally cut the slices in an irregular pattern that only he knows how to cut. This personal touch is why service can be slower than your usual neighborhood slice joint way out there in Brooklyn. But let us say here that it’s worth the wait, even when over an hour. Check out this video from Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen.  

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