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Der Spiegel interviewed the surviving member of Adolf Hitler’s food-tasting team, 95-year-old Margot Wölk, on the years she spent in involuntary service alongside the Nazi SS.

Due to the constant threat of poisoning from the Allies’ spies, Hitler’s SS force-employed a team of 15 young women to sample every dish prepared for him. His kitchens would cook luxurious meals (exotic fruits were apparently a favorite) and present them to the tasters. Once they determined the food was safe to eat, it was packed up by his most trusted agents and driven to Hitler’s Eastern Front headquarters, aptly nicknamed “The Wolf’s Lair.” 

“There was never meat because Hitler was a vegetarian,” Wölk recalls. “The food was good — very good. But we couldn’t enjoy it.”

Though she never personally saw the meat-shunning dictator, Wölk was nearby during an assassination attempt. Suddenly “administrative assistant” doesn’t sound like a bad line of work. Also, vegetarian? 

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