Watch An Oscar-Nominated Short Film Called 'Fresh Guacamole'

Jan 31, 2013 6:02 pm

We've marked it down in our Oscars pool

The Oscars (going down this year on February 23) is one of the big food and drink nights of the year. Hands in the air if you are already planning your viewing party. May we suggest serving an Old Fashioned riff and some sort of dip. Maybe a big bowl of pimento cheese. But this year, party food will be a bit of the main attraction with the ridiculously cool stop-motion film Fresh Guacamole having been nominated in the Animated Short category. It’s the briefest nominee in the history of the Oscars, running at 1:45 with credits. But as The New York Times finds out in a profile of the director Adam Pesapane, the not-so-budget ode to Mexico’s greatest export (sorry tequila) has a shot real at the statue. See for yourself below, as well as two other food-related works from the director, Western Spaghetti and Game Over.  

Fresh Guacamole

Western Spaghetti

Game Over

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