Our #1 Favorite Recipe For National Hot Chocolate Day

Jan 31, 2013 4:02 pm

So it's 50 degrees, it's still hot chocolate season

national hot chocolate day
Photo: insidious_plots on Flickr
Mexican hot chocolate will knock you right out of your Swiss Miss rut.

Just because the sun's a shinin' and people are walking outside with their coats wide open doesn't mean the Mayans were right. But we're going to throw them props on the mildest National Hot Chocolate Day we've ever experienced. Kidding of course, we've never celebrated National Hot Chocolate Day, but while it's trending we figured we'd make it known that it's not the best hot chocolate ever without a pinch or two of chili powder.

Check out this rich, soul-warming and yes, slightly spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe and be glad we picked this holiday and not the other one folks are lining the streets to celebrate today: the last day of National Oatmeal Month. 

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