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Food Republic was lucky enough to stay online all week. We worked from all internet-capable corners of the city to bring you tips on beating cabin fever, factoids on the drinking habits of notorious drinkers in literature, tons of awesome fall recipes and, speaking of which, we even started knocking out practice Thanksgiving dishes. You know, after our 12th game of strip Parcheesi.

No better time than post-hurricane to hunt for alligators, right? Here are our 12 most popular stories this week. 

1. Thanksgiving Interview: Noah and Rae Bernamoff
2. Insane Gourds! The World’s Most Awesome Pumpkin Sculptures
3. 10 Delicious Seasonal Fall Side Dishes
4. Beyond The Swedish Fish: A Guide To The Colorful Candy of Scandinavia
5. A Gadget To Revolutionize Your Grocery Shopping
6. Tapioca Coconut Cake
7. Debating The Best Office Snacks Of All Time. You Know, The Free Ones.
8. Smashed Shrimp Shumai  
9. About The Time Sean Brock and Magnus Nilsson Went Hunting For Alligators
10. Mexican Recipes For Dia De Los Muertos
11. 10 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Thanksgiving Go Much Smoother
12. 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Ernest Hemingway’s Drinking Habits