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Part of of Massive Health’s “What” infographic.

Geez, the Danes eat a lot of rye bread.

We’ve said it before: Eat breakfast!

Can you name the 12 most popular foods in the world or guess which day of the week we eat the least healthy? Massive Health, Inc. (the makers of the app Eatery) are out to answer these exact questions — and they’re displaying their results in easy-to-digest infographics.

The company gathered data from almost eight million Eatery users throughout 50 countries about their dietary habits. After five months, they compiled the findings (as well as health data published in academic journals and elsewhere) into six colorful infographics that sort the statistics under the headings: The World, Perception, When, Where, What and Who.

Whether Massive Health, Inc.’s crowd-sourced data is truly representative of global eating habits or not is up for debate, but either way the company provides an intriguing estimate of how we interact with food.

Below are 10 statements that struck us. Check out the all of the graphics on Massive Health’s website.

  1. Healthiness of the food we eat decreases by 1.7% for every hour that passes in the day
  2. Sunday is the unhealthiest day in the week
  3. New Yorkers drink 6.7 times more coffee than other cities
  4. Philly residents eat 3.7 times more bagels
  5. One out of 10 people think bacon is healthy
  6. On average dinner is 15.9% less healthy than breakfast
  7. The world’s 12 most popular foods are: salad, chicken, cheese, rice, tea, coffee, milk, eggs, apples, soup, yogurt and bread
  8. Salad is San Francisco’s most popular food
  9. On average, Eatery users who don’t eat breakfast eat 6.8% more food throughout the day
  10. People are 57% more likely to be obese if their friends are obese