Real Oscars Recipes For Your Party

Feb 26, 2012 3:31 pm

Recipes from Wolfgang Puck, chef to the stars

oscars food
Making food for the Oscars? Wrapping everything in gold foil is a good start.

With only hours to go until the red carpet festivities commence (here, you'll need one of these), we thought we'd provide you with some recipes. Not forced movie-themed recipes like "Hugo's frenchified chicken nuggets," but what the stars of tonight will actually be eating. Wolfgang Puck, chef to the stars and celebrated Oscars caterer loaned us a few of his awards show classics, which are easy enough to whip up for whichever level of Academy madness you'll be enjoying tonight.

On the menu:

And to fuel our Oscars drinking game:

Just don't spill on your tux. That's two sips. 


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