5 Patties For Poached Eggs

Jan 14, 2012 12:16 pm

Give your eggs a break from English muffins

poached eggs
Photo: arnold | inuyaki on Flickr
Don't worry, these patties have nooks and crannies for your poached egg yolks too.

With all due respect to the English muffins and slices of toast that have previously housed poached eggs, this weekend requires something a little more substantial (fine, I drank too much last night).

With a little extra effort — and in the case of grits souffle, discovering the wonders of stiff peaks — you can plop your perfectly poached egg on a more worthy bed and enjoy them without having to listen to the inane brunch conversation of those around you. Psh, you would order another Bloody Mary (hint: by making one yourself you can prevent "watered down Bloody Mary syndrome.") Are you going to stick your fork in your friend's pancakes and yell "yoink" again? Ugh, hangovers.          

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