Kitchenography with David Myers Part 5

Jul 13, 2011 4:52 pm

Put that rolling pin to use for more than dough

David Myers portrait
Photos: Lesley Balla

All good things must come to an end, they say, and such is the case with Kitchenography with David Myers. The acclaimed chef behind Comme Ca in West Hollywood, The Cosmopolitan in Vegas and Sola in Tokyo has come through with awesome suggestions on how to sub in common kitchen tools if more advanced tools aren't at hand. For this final installment (for now), Myers suggests using a rolling pin to sub in where most home cooks usually use the side of a knife.

Nuts and other hard ingredients can potentially dent a knife, so the hard wood of a rolling pin makes it a perfect substitute.
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Nuts and rolling pin
Prep nuts and rolling pin

Find a dry, flat surface for the pre-shelled nuts.

nuts on flat surface
Pour out nuts

Pour the whole nuts on the dry, flat surface

David Myers crushing nuts
Begin rolling out nuts

Roll the rolling pin over the nuts, applying pressure as you roll

Kitchenography with David Myers Part 5
Crush the nuts

Really apply pressure now with the rolling pin, grinding up the nuts

Kitchenography with David Myers Part 5
Finish crushing nuts

Keep using the rolling pin to crush the nuts until they're to the consistency you need. You may want them to be a fine powder, or perhaps just a bit crunchy to add texture to a pizza or something.

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